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Thursday, January 27th, 2005
11:10 am
Completely biased
Okay, look.

The only reason Plato believes what he states in The Republic is because he is the product of his environment. Something you have to remember when reading this stuff is that Plato was directly influenced by the wars going on outside of Athens and the direct democracy practiced inside of Athens.

Have any of you guys read this stuff?!?

He thinks democracy is all wrong, that we're barbarians and as such we'll only obtain our own destruction by VOTING!!!

Does anyone see a problem with this?

He also says that we should be ruled by philosopher kings, by men who have a vague understanding of this otherworldly "absolute truth." This "philosopher king" would have total and complete control over our city state. You disagree with this king? Well tough luck. You gotta tap into this "objective conciousness" yourself and then wait for the king to die.

Anyone have any problems with this?
11:16 am
Plato's perm
I, plato am considering getting a new hair-do and am thinking about changing barbers, what should i (plato) do? oh yeah, the hair is crazy

Current Mood: artistic
11:09 am
plato's philos
Well, so i think that plato's philosophy is completely true, and anyone who disagrees doesnt know what they are talking about =P so what is his philosophy exactly?
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